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  • Phase II: Extend system to Feinberg School of Medicine and Northwestern Medicine affiliates

IACUC System

  • Online Protocol Phase II responding to customer feedback
  • Develop improved program performance metrics

IRB System

  • Deploy improved Reportable New Information workflow
  • Develop improved program performance metrics

Learn@Northwestern (Phase II)

  • Extend LMS to the IRB, IACUC and Export Control units of OR
  • Use Service Oriented Architecture to integrate CITI and AALAS training with the IRB and IACUC systems

NSIS Redesign


  1. Harmonize system functionality, look-and-feel across modules
  2. Update and expand current NSIS functional documentation
  3. Address user support feedback


  • Administrator Maintenance Notification Template
  • HPS Waste Pickup
  • Radioactive Material Accountability (RAM) Module
  • General Lab & Chemical Safety
  • Biological & rDNA Safety
  • Laser, X-ray, Irradiator

Research IT/NUIT Collaborations

  • Deploy Single Sign On with Multi Factor Authentication to IRB, IACUC, NSIS and Learn@NU systems
  • KACE deployment for end point management
  • Identity Management System product selection
  • InfoEd pre-award system re-evaluation project
  • Automated Testing Tool selection and Proof of Concept

Radio Frequency ID System (CCM)

  • Phase I: ┬áCensus
  • Phase II Optimizing cage wash cycles
  • Phase III: Supply and equipment management
  • Phase IV: Labor and operation optimization

System Integration

  • Use web services to run IRB, IACUC and COI systems off enterprise contact and organization sources
  • Use web services to integrate CITI and AALAS training with the IRB and IACUC systems